Elephant Words – 50YFN Interface

Last week was my turn to post an image to Elephant Words. I made it myself. It is this:

Caught Out

Everyone did a nice job. Mine went last. In a quite exciting twist, it has been posted at 50 Years From Now almost simultaneously! I am awesome! (As is Monk at that site, of course.)

It is called “The Boulevard Of Broken Glass”. As an Elephant, it’s here, as a slice of the England of 50 Years From Now, here. Here’s a taste:

In some parts of town, the ground crunches underfoot Рaccumulated years of discarded glass, broken and ground down, coat the concrete pavements. The city gave up on maintaining these streets. Crossing the imaginary boundary from nTown to nHigh, Si̢n stepped onto one of these glittering pathways. Like a native, she took it in her stride.

I haven’t read any of the posts this week yet… The image is scaring the hell out of me with the lack of ideas I am having based on it, and I don’t want to confuse myself with the other writers’ smart thinkin’.