Elephant Words – Driving Baby Home

So, yeah, I’ve been a bad blogger. I failed to tell you all about Elephant Words a couple of weeks back. I quite liked my story, too, so I figured I should tell you about it.

It’s, like, totally inspired by this photograph by Rol Hirst:

It is called “Driving Baby Home

A half-hour later, and I’m almost out, almost on the open highway. Not even been driving for an hour yet, and I’m already losing it. A song keeps cycling through my head, and I can’t shake it. I don’t know the tune that well, just know the one line, and it just repeats, over and over.

Driving home for Christmas.

You can get to it through the simple internetual magic of clicking either on the title or excerpt up above. It will warm the cockles of your heart, and put you right in the mood for feeling glum about Christmas – my favourite activity in early January, and hopefully now yours, too!