2008-07-05 Digital Breadcrumbs

  • So @steevbishop & I were BOTH right. & other seemingly incompatible rumours were, too. Although no pterodactyl extermination… #
  • Dr Who season 4 was the most solid so far. Thematically tight & excellent build up of plot & emotional pressure points throughout. #
  • … If still often marred by RTD pursuit of the “Wow!” factor over plot coherence. Catherine Tate was a revelation. #
  • … Hang on, though… That final prophecy… What was THAT all about? #
  • @idsharman That’s the nature of prophecy in ANY show. But normally there’s a literal/lateral take on it coming true, to keep things tidy. #
  • @idsharman Aaaand at that point, I realise any further discussion might constitute spoilers…! Grin… #
  • Is there a 3d element to Sins Of A Solar Empire, beyond the graphical? Because I came for the Homeworld, & what I’m getting is Ascendancy+. #