2008-07-09 Digital Breadcrumbs

  • @joshhechinger Which organ is that, then? #
  • @joshhechinger That was meant as a nonnuendo, not a dig, by the way… #
  • @Joshhechinger Schnort!! Single entendre! #
  • @christrobin Well, maybe you could learn UK English pretty quick. My version of the language isn’t quite right, or so I’ve been told! #
  • @josiefraser Agreed on that score. Just had a half-hour fidget, and honestly, Lively needs a lot of work before it isn’t work anymore. #
  • @josiefraser Though remembering my first few hours with Second Life, way back not long after launch, & Lively is like a dream of meadows. #
  • @joshhechinger Wait, what? That sounds like witchcraft to me… Are you SURE? #
  • Nu-uh, @mckelvie, at least half is coming down on Southampton… #
  • Song Summoner sounds amazing – thanks for that, @joshhechinger. It’s only £4, n’all. What’s stopping you, sir? #