Awesome Thursday: Black Before Red – “Matagorda”

This song keeps coming up on the shuffle at the moment… And I’ve been oblivious to what it might be, because of the peculiar nature of random music library mining. I finally managed to sit down and work out what it was.

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Black Before Red – Matagorda

It’s less then three minutes of pop perfect. Both upbeat and dark at the same time, the deal-breaker for me is the cheerily delivered choral phrase:

No-one ever thought we’d need gloves
‘Cos no-one ever thought they’d see blood.

There is a lovely video of a session online, wherein they play an acoustic version of the song, but it is sadly too quiet a recording to be one’s first experience of the song. It is both here at YouTube and here at Vimeo (in a gorgeous hi-res version that would break my site layout).