Lost 0608 – Part Sawyer, Part James…

What, no previously on? But however will I know what’s going on in this episode?

It’s pretty cool, actually, because this one soon gets into a call-back to a familiar plot fragment that hasn’t been referred to in a couple of seasons. I much prefer it when they trust the viewer to remember this shit for themselves.


It’s an incredibly fun wrinkle that Sawyer’s off-island alternate is buddied up with Miles – they are a duo that formed during what were arguably the best years of Sawyer’s life. This could add a lot of weight to the theory that what we’re seeing in the alternate is somehow a Nirvana for the Lostees – a bittersweet reward bundled up and hidden in NonLocke’s cryptic wording whenever he talks about going “home” or getting off the island. However, the show has relished – and even lampooned – the vague and shady afterlife undertones, while at the same time overtly flexing away from them when they get too pervasive – they skewered the notion that the island was somehow purgatory for the people who had actually died on the plane more than once – most notably with the faked sunk plane, and with Locke’s ghost-father’s outburst that later turned out to be ill-founded.

Non-Locke is a swell leader, as it turns out. Much easier for his followers to get behind than either Locke or Jack ever were. Interesting, considering those guys were normally telling the truth, and he was a big old liar.

Plus, you know, at this point he actually says that his people are going to be escaping the island in a plane – while sending Sawyer on a mission – and while it’s not beyond him to mislead, he’s generally much more likely to avoid saying anything definitive than lie.

I’m wondering whether there will be more reference to the fact that Locke’s father and the man who ruined James Ford’s life are the same person? I find it interesting, when Sawyer and Locke, or even NonLocke, are in a scene together, to think that in some ways they have the same father – James’ parents were the ones that died in that room, but Sawyer wouldn’t exist without Locke’s father’s manipulation.

Certainly, after saying that Dr Linus was the most different iteration of the legacy character in the previous episode, James Ford and Sawyer are even more distinctly different – though of course, when Ford says to Charlotte that there was a point in his life when he could have been either a criminal or a cop, it’s pretty much spelled out for us how things changed for him.

Mind you, LaFleur was a dry run for this aspect of James’ life, and it’s not an original notion that criminals and cops have similar skill-sets. We’ve seen this side of his character before.

Woah… Claire just totally whaled on Kate. And Sayid is just totally spaced out. And NonLocke just totally spanked Claire.

And while Sayid’s thousand-yard stare makes a lot of sense in the context of a fractured conscience soon after committing not one, but two, cold-blooded murders, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Claire’s meltdown happened with Sayid in the frame, but doing nothing. A few episodes back we were pretty much told by the show to think that Dogen was wrong in the assertion that Sayid and Claire were infected by the same evil. Now it’s looking like there might be something in it.

Huh, Desmond’s still in the credits. That’s a bit of a giveaway, isn’t it?

Also, it just occurred to me, and by just I mean when Charlotte turned up on a blind date with James Ford, honestly, where the fuck is Faraday? I wondered back in the first episode of this season, but then forgot. But now I’m wondering again.

Also, I wonder whether the sideways Miles can hear the dead, too?

Subma, subma, submarine!

Woah, sideways Charlotte… you were totally snooping through his private shit! I don’t think you get to take the moral high-ground… especially not with a hunka love like James Ford.

Oh. Apparently you do.

(Two awesome things about that scene – Charlotte accent manages to be all over the place just over the course of this one scene! And when Sawyer wants to make it up to a lady, he does it with a sunflower and a six-pack of beer. Because he’s fucking Sawyer, that’s why.)

Widmore isn’t writing anything on that bit of paper, you guys! Why would he be writing a report? It is just for show!

God, I love Sawyer. I honestly can’t tell whether he’s playing Jim Robinson or he’s playing nonLocke… He is that damn good.

Of course, this is Sawyer, so of course it turns out he’s playing everybody! With the possible exception of Kate. Because he luuurves her.

Actually, that’s odd… This episode seems to have the least closure in it’s flash-focus than almost any other episode in the series. Interesting choice, as it doesn’t leave cop Sawyer’s story anywhere final. Suggests they’ll be coming back to it somehow.