Lost 0610 – Rasho-Kwon

I got the feeling that last week’s episode of Lost was deliberately intended as a breather episode before the final half of the season kicked off, and I’ve been looking forward to this one all week. Not sure if I’m dissappointed that it’s a Kwon episode or not – I love this couple, but they seldom move the story forward very much, and that’s what people want right now.

Hmm, so NonLocke is happy to tell Jin about the cave with the names in it, and he raises the question again, of which Kwon is a candidate, or whether both of them are.

So now I’m wondering – whose sideways flash are we looking at, Sun, or Jin? Or are these two crazy kids so close now that they count as one?

Sayid tells NonLocke that he doesn’t feel anything, and that makes me wonder whether people didn’t jump the gun somewhat, assuming he was infected with something evil. Seems he’s just become numb.

And that makes me think of Jacob… how he used to be violent, back when Richard met him, but later became less human, more set apart and restrained. Every time, except that last time, Sayid has killed someone, it’s been because he was duty bound to do so, and I wonder whether that doesn’t equip him better to replace Jacob than anyone else. What if becoming numb is part of that process.

When NonLocke’s done his bit, he leaves the camp, and that’s when Jin decides to leave, and Sawyer tries to stop him. Sawyer has told Jin about the deal he’s made with Widmore, which shows that he trusts Jin, but he hasn’t told Jin that he’s planning on double-crossing Widmore, which shows that maybe Jin can’t trust him. But by this point, and it’s one of the things I love about the character, Jin can’t be managed or coerced – he’s become very much his own man, after being a slave to tradition, or Sun’s father, and being buffeted by events that other characters get to engage in, but best of all it’s happened to him quietly.

Reconciling with Sun such a long time ago seemed to positively affect both characters so much that it’s hard to believe that at this point they haven’t been together for, what, two and a half years, our time, and four years their own.

Jin’s about to shove his way past Sawyer when Jin pitches over, followed quickly by Sawyer and the rest of NonLocke’s followers, as they are hit quickly by tranquiliser darts.

The soldiers we saw watching the camp at the beginning of the episode walk into the clearing, and after a quick search, find who they’re looking for. It’s Jin, and this episode suddenly got more important, because these guys obviously work for Widmore, and why the hell would Widmore want Jin?

Back in the sideways flash, it seems that Sun and Jin have not married, and are still very much the young and loving couple – that stuff on the plane, where Jin was back to being the Alpha-male jerk-off husband was all a cover. Jin is worried that somebody might be watching, and it seems clear that he’s got a reason to be paranoid about something – probably Sun’s father, if he isn’t yet married to her, and is employed by that crazy crooked bastard.

It’s a paranoia that continues to their seperate hotel rooms, with Jin checking behind his back as he waits for her to open her door, but it doesn’t stop him being enticed into Sun’s room. And she’s a frisky minx at this point – it’s lovely seeing them flirt, even if it does stop him going and doing the job he’s supposed to do.

Sun doesn’t want anything to do with anything but Jin, back on the island, and she’ll tell off Jack, and thwart NonLocke, rather than be swayed from that path. But then, that doesn’t exclude she and Jin from being candidates – if all either of them need is each other, and as it’s starting to appear, the real world isn’t that safe for them as a couple, why couldn’t they stay on the island together, as its keepers?

Because without their married lives going to shit in the shadow of her father, Sun still wanted to try and convince Jin to run away with her when they got to America.

Also, Sun is having trouble with the mirror, but at this point it’s unclear what exactly that trouble is. We’ll see what the deal is with them at some point, I’m sure. Although, with this show, maybe that’s a dangerous assumption to make!

Hang on. Hang on hang on… So Martin Keamy’s appearance in that previous episode’s flash sideways had appeared to be a cute bit of coincidence-building – the show-runners are having fun pulling in old faces for those flashes – and I’d written off Jin’s appearance as his captive as another piece of intricate plot-threading designed to create a link between Jin and sideways Sayid, more than anything else.

And that notion would stand up to scrutiny, even including Keamy’s appearance here, if it wasn’t for Widmore’s interest in Jin now. After all, Keamy worked for Widmore the last time we met him, and it’s reasonable to assume that a powerful man like Sun’s father might have dealings with a powerful man like Widmore…

So Jin’s in Room 23. We’ve seen this before. The Dharma Initiative used the room to try and brainwash people with subliminal messages, but it’s unclear whether that’s what Widmore’s people intend to do to Jin. The only thing that’s certain at this point is that everything changes.

But you, of course.

Oh, hang on. It’s actually because he’s a time traveller that they’re so interested in him. It’s nothing to do with his past before they got on that plane.

Clare’s panicking about leaving the island, but it’s unclear whether that means she’s becoming more human. In fact, NonLocke just pretty much gifted Kate to Clare, once Kate has done what NonLocke needs. But then, we saw a few weird moments between Kate and Clare a couple of episodes back, where it looked like Clare was softening on her old friend.

Oh, fuck, Mikhail! It’s weird him turning up and not being a complete badass. Keamy is a charming motherfucker for a psychopath.

There have been two moments of lampshade hanging in this episode so far – one where Sawyer tells NonLocke that some power limitation of his is crazy, and another where Miles thinks it’s crazy that Sun’s bump on her head has given her partial amnesia. It amuses me no end.

Richard wants to blow up the plane, and Sun, she doesn’t want that. OH NO! She shouts a lot in Korean. Nobody understands a word of it, but her intention gets through to them.

So Keamy isn’t just a psychopath, he’s also part of an elaborate plan to kill Jin. He is still a charming motherfucker, though. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Widmore, though. Come to that, we don’t know anything about Widmore’s place in the sideways reality.

Apparently abducting Jin has pushed Widmore’s plan forward by quite some time, and now he’s off kilter. He’s here to make sure that NonLocke doesn’t make it off the island. And the package is a who! A WHO! Oh my goodness!

But who??

Having a Rashomon moment in the sideways universe, which is fitting so close to Akira Kurosawa’s birthday, as we see/hear Sayid’s encounter with Keamy from Jin’s point of view. And it turns out that Sayid didn’t kill Keamy quite dead enough.

Those bullets hit Sun, didn’t they? Oh, fuck, of course they did. My guess is she gets to live but loses the baby. But of course at this point, who knows?

Oh, no, it’s killing me, now. I don’t care about Sun being able to write in English, I want to know who the package is.

Stubborn tomato! Oh, Jack, you’re much cuter this season, but you are still a giant fucking idiot. No wonder she isn’t the first person to tell you to leave them alone. And you shouldn’t make promises you probably won’t be able to keep. Unless, of course, you’ve no intention of keeping the promise, and it’s just some kind of Jacob-like manipulation!!

(Heh… he could have gone the other way and said it was a cheery tomato. DO YOU SEE? A CHEERY TOMATO!! Because cherry tomatoes are an actual thing that exists!)

Oh fuck, Sayid’s been sent on another Rambo mission, seriously? He is such a badass.

And there’s the man we’ve all been wondering about. No, not Faraday, you idiots*…

…Desmond! He has definitely been taken to the island against his will, or at least drugged, and he’s the package.

But what does it all mean???

Again, a fun episode, that didn’t leave me dissapointed, but I already know that a lack of real answers in it are going to cause frustration on the part of some of my fellow fans.

*I have just gone into a Lostpedia tailspin, and read that Daniel Faraday died when he got shot in that second-from-last episode of the last season. For some reason I’d got it into my head that he was left mortally wounded, and was still drawing breath when the bomb went off, but apparently I forgot heartbreaking final words, and eyelids being pushed closed, and everything!