Lost 0614 – The Candidate

So Jack saved Locke, and he thinks he’s a candidate for a surgery that Jack is developing. John Locke doesn’t want to be a candidate, though. He seems to recognise the phrase. Jack could do with having House MD on his side.

Jack wakes to Sayid telling him that they’re on Hydra island. Sayid even makes a joke. Actually, I reckon Sayid might be back on the turn again.

Jim Robinson was totally about to pop a cap in Kate’s head, then. I don’t like the way people keep pointing guns at Kate, with a clear willingness to pull the trigger. It makes me think something bad might happen if people keep doing that. Her name isn’t on that list – people keep saying so, dammit.

Bernard was Locke’s doctor, back in the alternate. Jack is totally on the case, trying to find out how Locke lost the use of his legs. He is totally up for invading the crotchety old cripple’s privacy, yo.

Sawyer and Kate are back in the cages. Last time they were in there, they were snogging, you guys.

Ut-Oh… the generator is totally down at Camp Widmore… and now here comes old Smokey. He likes to kill people, remember?

It’s weird that in both universes, Jack and Locke/non-Locke have this weird connection – at the beginning, they butted heads constantly.

John’s father is a vegetable. Total vegetative state, y’dig? He looks all broked.

All the Lostees are together, about to stage a final assault on Widmore’s submarine.

…And non-Locke is being surprisingly magnanimous about Claire’s betrayal.

(Hn. When was the last time we saw Rose and Bernard? I guess Jack could always hook up with them, if he stuck around on the island.)

Um… what makes these guys think that Jim Robinson won’t have rigged the submarine up the way he did the jet? Dude is crazy!


And of course, Jack has to go on the sub now, cos he’s the only one that’ll be able to save her.

Non-Locke has clearly done something with the C4, hasn’t he? Left it on the sub as insurance. OH OF COURSE. This is the most MacGyver this show has ever been. The Lostees trapped on a sub with a block of C4 and a ticking clock. OH FUCK OH FUCK.

Oh Sayid. When someone blows up so definitively in this show, it normally means they’ve just died for reals. He totally sacrificed himself for the rest of them. If this was 24, the final pips at the end would totally be missing. And bloody blimey, Sun is stuck under something very heavy, so it’s quite possible she’s a dead un as well.

I am totally freaking out here.

Did… Lapidus got killed too, right? By exploding door? In an eighties disco?

I am totally making sadface right now.

Jack put it all together, didn’t he? We already knew that non-Locke couldn’t kill the Lostees, but I totally hadn’t realised the whole POINT of his scheme was getting rid of them, I just assumed he’d do it later. Now Sawyer gets to carry around the same guilt that Jack has been for ages, because for just this once, Jack was right, and Sawyer was wrong, and pretty much every cast member got blown up because of it. I’m very upset. Like I said about the previous episode, every event is full of meaning and consequence by now, and this is truly perfect TV.

So Hurley, Kate, Jack and Sawyer on the beach. Lapidus, Sayid, Sun and Jin in the sub. Yeah, you should cry, Hurley. Just this once, I’ll even allow a few Jears. That’s almost half of the meaningful surviving cast wiped from the slate in one go. And it’s possible Hurley won’t see the upside to the sudden boost in numbers of potential voices in his head.

And finally, there’s non-Locke, pissed at the fact that there are survivors, and set to finish the job. Thinking about it, I think Claire might be set to turn against him when she works out what he’s doing. Come to that, she must be on the list of people he needs dead too, huh?