#MOMBcast 50 – Comic Timings

On #MOMBcast 50, we talked about the following stuff:

10:30 Ryan K Lindsay’s CBR gig

15:10 The Last Days Of American Crime #03 (Rick Remender/Greg Tocchini)
16:30 Torchwood #02 (Various)
17:50 The Deathlings/Black Label Comics previews (Ian Struckhoff & Various)
20:25 Doctor Who: The Deep Hereafter (Rob Davis/Dan McDaid)  – Available here

21:50 2000AD #1699 (Tharg & various)
30:40 CLiNT #01 (Mark Millar & various)

42:30 Madame Xanadu #26 (Matt Wagner/Christine Zullo)

49:30 Mark Waid & file-sharing
1:10:10 Spotlight: Good As Lily (Derek Kirk Kim/Jesse Hamm)

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