Movember 2011

Oh, also:

I’m doing Movember again this year. Mainly I do it because when you’re as beardy as I am, just having to shave down to a mo for a whole month is a hell of a novelty, but it also happens to be for a really good cause. I’m going to do the whole thing whether you donate or not, but it’d be a super-cool thing if you sponsored me.

(Also, if you believe in an afterlife, there’s a good chance that one fiver toward this will get you at least twice as good a place in paradise as judging people who have sex before marriage for a year, or a WHOLE LIFETIME of tutting at same-sex kissing in public.)

My page is here:, and I’ll be tracking my progress there, and probably on Flickr.

Also, the good people at Lomography have lent me and some other lucky chaps one of their ginchy Diana cameras to document the whole thing daily, so at the end of the month there’ll be that to look forward to.

(You know, there are some people who only met me at Thoughtbubble who actually thought I had a ‘tache all year round – I wish!)

To give you some idea of how weird it is for me to be shaving daily for a month, this is what I normally look like these days, and what I look like at the moment:

So anyway, good luck to anyone else doing this, and any of the brave people doing NANOWRIMO this year.