2012-10-11 Digital Breadcrumbs

  • @Sulman Oh, for sure. That story about Robin Hood was ALL ABOUT him having a very definite vision, & dragging whole production along. #
  • @andromedababe It WASN'T A GOOD YEAR, was it? Realised I wrote a bit too much. If I blog properly next year, I can write a bit less. #
  • @Ree1911 Aww… funny little bugger! #
  • @JMDeMatteis @tjpieraccini Well, that's not an issue here… Pretty shameless! I think it's really important. #
  • @Jody_Houser Oh hell, Agreed! #
  • @JMDeMatteis @tjpieraccini I've kind of ended up doing it by accident. Having said that, I don't make any money from my writing! #