DO Read The Bottom Half Of The Internet

Looked into this Talking Angela scare that’s going round, and it’s reminded me of something I recently thought about just, generally EVERYTHING online, especially following on from the Woody Allen thing.

Basically, whenever you believe ANYthing strongly enough to express an opinion, it’s always a good idea to go and look at the comments on a post or video about the subject. ESPECIALLY if it’s a post that takes the opposite side of a debate from the one you’re on.

(This is the opposite of conventional internet wisdom, which is that you should never, EVER, read the bottom half of the internet. But seriously, I think every now and then, this is a smart thing to do.)

When you’re reading the comments, including the ones that you agree with, think about the tone and communication, rather than whether you agree with the points.

Does the person sound deranged? Do they make leaps in their argument that aren’t explained and they don’t support? Would you hate to be stuck in a lift with that person?

If you feel like the answer to any of these questions is yes, consider, just for a fraction of a second, that that’s what you sound like on the subject. That’s what your arguments look like from the outside. Do you still believe them, when someone says them to you in that stupid voice?

I’m not saying anyone needs to change their mind about anything – although obviously everyone does! – but I think this is a decent experiment for double-checking whether you’ve really thought hard enough about those opinions you hold the strongest.