Tube Strike Satire Stolen By Linkbaiter

There’s a post going round, at a site called Fullist, headlined “Tube Strike Ends After Commuters Take Matters Into Their Own Hands”.

It’s totally stolen from The Daily Mash. Not “shared”, as per fair use. Just completely fucking lifted.

This, by the way, isn’t just unwitting content ganking by someone oblivious. The post says “source: The Daily Mash” without actually linking to the site, uses a different image – presumably to avoid easy google image searching or some shit – and has a “by Liam Harrington” byline on it.

Liam Harrington’s Twitter account is also the Fullist account. If you follow the link to it on the Fullist site, I’m pretty sure it sends you there by way of dodgy pop-up advertising.
He refers to himself as “Internet Batman”.

The original article is here: mmuters-steal-train-keys-and-drive-themselves-201011303299

I don’t judge you if you shared it. I get that most people just enjoy the internet the way they enjoy their tv and sausages – at one remove, not too worried about where they come from – and I’m probably as guilty of doing it as anyone.

But what I do think would be pretty cool is, if content-cloning gets pointed out to you, you’d consider deleting or editing the original p0st or link you made to it, and posting the original instead.

You know, if a halfway scrupulous legal bod offered to cease-and-desist on behalf of content-creators for low, low costs, I’d happily crowdfund as many of those as I can afford. As much as media bods go on about piracy, it’s this stuff that really erodes at the rights of creative people. Online piracy, at least in it’s purest forms, usually leaves the original’s credits intact, and in most cases doesn’t profit from it the way these link-baiting ad-farms do.