Shameless Post About Podcasts

There’s a podcast called The Chick Whisperer. It’s exactly what it sounds like. It has 60 ratings on iTunes. So I’d very much like it if you could listen to one or more of the podcasts I do, & go review it on iTunes, maybe tell people you know online or off who might like it about it.

Even if you don’t like it, leave some feedback.

Because I try not to let audience size get to me, but for fuck’s sake. I know we’re not amazing, but I know we’re at least pretty damn good, and there’s A PODCAST. CALLED THE CHICK WHISPERER. THAT GETS MORE LOVE than any of the shows I do.

That doesn’t seem right.

If you don’t think you like podcasts, but you like listening to talky radio, you should give them a try. iTunes makes it half easy, but if you’re using an Android phone, I recommend Pocketcasts. Or you can listen right here in your web-browser, at the sites themselves.

So anyway:

If you are a parent, or have a parent, or like hearing idiotic men try and work stuff about parenting out, 2 Grown Men may appeal to you. This weeks’ episode was all about bringing kids up to understand consent, and is here:

If you like comics, or just like idiotic people try and muddle through how they feel about pop culture stuff without any sort of training or a safety net, you should listen to the MOMBcast. It’s here:

If you like, just, I don’t know, the Socratic method, or half-smart people talking about half-serious subjects, there’s Unanswered. We pick a subject each episode and thrash it out for an hour, solving nothing. We’ve covered spoilers, cities, outrage, and in our most recent episode got into some uncomfortable territory talking about Empathy Vs Sympathy. That’s here:

And please, I know it sounds like I’m banging on, but if you like one of these shows, or ANY podcasts (or blogs, or anything online), or think someone you know might like them, please do tell people. A “Like” or “Favourite” is super flattering, constructive criticism is always gratefully received, an “Share” or “RT” is incredibly generous, but nothing means as much to the people who make things like this as people enjoying it enough to personally recommend it to others.

Because, you know, people definitely did the same thing for The Chick Whisperer, as hideous as that might seem.