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2008-07-06 Digital Breadcrumbs

  • @steevbishop Is the fanosphere at large having a fit, then? It was a perfectly serviceable piece of TV. The Wow! outdid the Wha? easily! #
  • Grr @marcellerby. While I find little to disagree with in your review – I, too am “over” the daleks – I cannot get behind the Martha-hate. #
  • @marcellerby But then, that might just be because I lurve her, and nothing to do with her acting or validity as a character… #
  • @marcellerby I think it may just be a crush on my part! Actually, I always got the feeling that the show never quite got to grips with her. #

2008-07-05 Digital Breadcrumbs

  • So @steevbishop & I were BOTH right. & other seemingly incompatible rumours were, too. Although no pterodactyl extermination… #
  • Dr Who season 4 was the most solid so far. Thematically tight & excellent build up of plot & emotional pressure points throughout. #
  • … If still often marred by RTD pursuit of the “Wow!” factor over plot coherence. Catherine Tate was a revelation. #
  • … Hang on, though… That final prophecy… What was THAT all about? #
  • @idsharman That’s the nature of prophecy in ANY show. But normally there’s a literal/lateral take on it coming true, to keep things tidy. #
  • @idsharman Aaaand at that point, I realise any further discussion might constitute spoilers…! Grin… #
  • Is there a 3d element to Sins Of A Solar Empire, beyond the graphical? Because I came for the Homeworld, & what I’m getting is Ascendancy+. #

2008-07-04 Digital Breadcrumbs

  • Does Twitter tell you if people UN-follow you? #
  • @barbiehead The last quote from the vet was £1500. Which is about half a million in US$, I think. But to be honest, we just want her home 🙁 #
  • @barbiehead … Also, I’d tend to favour Roomba With A View. #
  • “Coming up: An earthquake wiped out Etchasketchistan today…” #
  • @groonk There’s a bus? And I caught it? Wow! Shades of Magoo… I could have sworn I was going for a long stroll off a short pier… 🙂 #
  • @vanessay I like the sound of them. Can I have one? Do they ALSO get to be cute? I know that sounds shallow, but I yam what I yam. #
  • Last thing yesterday, Dog One had stopped bleeding, was eating, happy, & vet was talking about how popular she was, because of her cuteness. #
  • This AM, Dog One is apparently bleeding slowly but consistently again & is now either coughing or breathing a little heavy – reports vary. #
  • Yesterday her breathing hadn’t been an issue. Sometimes she splutters a bit & sometimes breathes deep & grumbles when she’s feeling ignored. #
  • Hoping that the vet and nurses are just misreading that. But right now all I really want is to hear definitives & have her home & well. #
  • I have looked & looked but can’t find it – is it anywhere documented how @warrenellis is crossposting to LJ from WP. It is evading me… #
  • @steevbishop I wondered about that. I guess it’s time to start looking into that again. Sigh. #
  • Unless some new fresh nightmare awaits, we are about to go & fetch Dog One home from the dog hospital. Trying not to get hopes up till home. #
  • Dog One is HOME! If only she were a different breed, then I could have gone with “The beagle has landed”! #
  • @joshhechinger Didn’t remember Lea being in that one… Some Kind Of Wonderful is one of my favourite films & that’s all about the MSM, yo! #
  • @joshhechinger Wait, what? Although that tagline – “Reaching new depths of terror” kind of already sounds kinda spoofy… #

2008-07-03 Digital Breadcrumbs

  • Stupid Nick. That’s what you get for reading the comment thread on a local newspaper’s website. Frustrated & feeling vaguely unclean. #
  • That’s “unclean” as opposed to “dirty”. I swear, you want to get a look at why I’m a misanthrope, just read a local paper. #
  • I am far too caffeinated. Not drinking more than a mug a day for a month has totally reduced my tolerance… #
  • Oh. After scrolling through the nonsense-storm of VB VS BB, I can’t believe the internet seems quiet about Don S. Davis. RIP, sir. #
  • Dear RTD, have spent evening getting nicely enthused about finale. Please don’t fuck it up, as I know you sometimes do. KTHXBYE! #
  • @barbiehead My sympathies. Oddly enough, I’ve spent a couple of days knowing EXACTLY what you mean… #
  • Elephant Words done for this week, just in time: “Those Awkward Firsts” #
  • Interesting fact: I am sitting here in my underpants & teeshirt. Never fear, though – I am still typing two-handed… FOR NOW… #
  • @groonk Oh dear, if I say Happy Birthday now, have I missed the boat or jumped on the bandwagon? Or some other vehicle metaphor? #
  • @joshhechinger I thought it sounded a little too action-packed, actually, you’re right…! #
  • Picked up Astonishing X-Men #25 today, after hardly never buying new comics. I think I may not be cut out for readin’ comics no more. #
  • AXM #25: I would love to see Warren Ellis work under the conditions that Whedon was, but this feels more hamstrung by continuity then that. #
  • … Also, Bianchi’s art is beautifully rendered, but over-energetic, like it’s afraid to tackle a conversation or character head on… #
  • … & pop-outs or bleeds, or whatever it’s called when art burst the panel – used well, it pops, used too much, it renders unreadable. #
  • I had this issue with New Universal. Ellis’ comics pop & fizz with ideas & sharp dialogue. Over-anxious art makes them too soupy & unclear. #
  • Cool, fresh story & there are glorious panels, so if the art calms down & the book becomes it’s own once they’re out of SF, I’ll read more. #