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2008-07-10 Digital Breadcrumbs

  • The road to the outpatients hospital is jammed right up. The flaw in the iPod shuffle comes up again – NO idea what that great song is! #
  • “You give me sixteen different flavours of hell.” #
  • Bad news about meebox, @steevbishop. Adam Buxton is, in some ways, a lovely kind of genius… #
  • Futurama – Beast With A Billion Backs is very good indeed. Reading @zdarsky this morning, I realise that he is Yivo to our Universe. #
  • @joshhechinger You know, there are legs on that idea. But you shouldn’t listen to me – I loved Rebound. So am probably not cool. #
  • @joshhechinger I know you would, Josh. I know you would. Ultimately, that’s your triumph, and your downfall… #
  • @joshhechinger … But seriously, I could totally see you writing an awesome slice-of-life series, with the right artist… #
  • @joshhechinger … and if you did it quick, it’d be a coming-of-age piece, too! Have you ever had a life-defining but shitty menial job? #
  • Grief Exploited – – “…hard cases make bad law.” #
  • Something big & toxic is burning in Southampton. Taking in lungfuls of burnt plastic air. Migraines for everyone! #
  • The nasty toxic nastiness sharpens the air even here inside Asda. F’r reals! People seem unfazed. Although skinny midriff girl is giggling.. #
  • … It probably takes less time for her to succumb, on account of her reediness. Smoke seemed to be in your direction, @steevbishop. All ok? #

2008-07-09 Digital Breadcrumbs

  • @joshhechinger Which organ is that, then? #
  • @joshhechinger That was meant as a nonnuendo, not a dig, by the way… #
  • @Joshhechinger Schnort!! Single entendre! #
  • @christrobin Well, maybe you could learn UK English pretty quick. My version of the language isn’t quite right, or so I’ve been told! #
  • @josiefraser Agreed on that score. Just had a half-hour fidget, and honestly, Lively needs a lot of work before it isn’t work anymore. #
  • @josiefraser Though remembering my first few hours with Second Life, way back not long after launch, & Lively is like a dream of meadows. #
  • @joshhechinger Wait, what? That sounds like witchcraft to me… Are you SURE? #
  • Nu-uh, @mckelvie, at least half is coming down on Southampton… #
  • Song Summoner sounds amazing – thanks for that, @joshhechinger. It’s only £4, n’all. What’s stopping you, sir? #

2008-07-08 Digital Breadcrumbs

  • Have to say: There is something undeniably strutty about walking to work & Staying Alive by the BeeGees coming on the iPod. #
  • Apologies for sentence structure. Am wordbad right now. #
  • “You’re everywhere and nowhere baby.” #
  • Damn. So preoccupied this morning that I came to work without my wallet. #
  • @steevbishop Oooh, CAKE! #
  • What with all of last week’s excitement, I totally failed to notice that this is the 52nd week of Elephant Words. Blimey. #
  • It really would be a good idea for Twitter to get a handle on this stupid spam accounts that seem to be popping up all over… #
  • @christrobin That’s because here in the UK we are both whizzer and ace… #
  • For the first time in ages, an Elephant Word came early & easy. Ace! After the week I just had, it’s a relief for something to go right! #
  • @douglasnoble You know, that would have seemed like quite a simple & effective solution, wouldn’t it? No surprise that I didn’t think of it! #
  • Oh, awesome… New plugins in BBPress have stopped the damn spam users. Now I only have to work out how to get REAL people using it… #