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2008-07-02 Digital Breadcrumbs

  • @groonk I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something terribly bad about parts of the episode, but f’r sh’r it got it’s hooks in! #
  • Oh, about Get Smart: Shockingly, Terence Stamp was the only thing that really didn’t work for me. Also, ours came with added @steevbishop #
  • @groonk I wonder if that’s something that one ever quite grows out of… My obsession with this site says no: #
  • Flip! @michaelfurious is on Twitter? Awesome! And, what, did he really get married? Extra awesome! If it is so, congratulations, sir! #
  • @groonk BTW, I love me some Martha Jones. She is my FAVOURITE. Still, her last appearance was naff, so glad she gets a good story this time. #
  • @groonk Also, I can’t draw her, apparently: #
  • @mckelvie Tt, you’re like the Twitterverse’s very own cinematic time-capsule! But yeah, it’s good, innit? Have you seen Hulk yet? #
  • Where it’s at: I’ve got my two turntables and a microphone. Which is what I’ve decided I’m going to call my sexies, at least for today! #
  • Having that peculiar feeling that I’ve missed something – back from lunch, & everyone is out. Were we supposed to be in a meeting somewhere? #
  • Also, what the HELL is wrong with Twhirl? Or is it Twitter that’s at fault, AGAIN? #
  • Plus, ok, that’s about it. Am all about ditching BBPress and shifting everything to comments. Stupid spam stupids. #
  • Wondering if shemaleanal & analshemale are actually the same person, or just a happy spam profile coincidence… #
  • Dog One has had her teeths cleaned, but vet had to remove one. Now it is bleeding in a way that is apparently not quite right. :-( #
  • Now vet wants to do tests. This will either get worrying or expensive or both. Doesn’t it always? He wants to keep her a bit longer for obs. #
  • Poor Dog One is somewhere strange, probably wondering what the hell she’s done wrong now. Like those eyes weren’t already puppy dog enough. #
  • J applies science to the situation: “They can’t give her a blood test, though, or they’ll find out she’s not a normal human dog.” #
  • @vanessay Ah, she’ll be fine – she’s like an Skrull monster dog in a cute dog’s body. I’ll be a pathetic wreck till she’s home, though! #
  • Dog One is really not very well, & is at a specialist hospital tonight. This house is horrid without her in it. #

2008-07-01 Digital Breadcrumbs

  • @marcellerby Clippers… SOLUTION! #
  • @vanessay Oh, wow. I WISH we had a Dr Sketchys here. If I was any good at such things, I’d set it up myself. Also, yes, Meyer is the bomb! #
  • I can smell toast. Either someone is eating toast nearby, or I am having a stroke of some kind. #
  • @mrtonylee Ooh, happy late birthday. Have to catch up with Burn Notice – enjoyed the first few an awful lot. #
  • Herring/Collins just raised the relative redundancy in gender-specific toilets/changing rooms. Which is funny – was just thinking the same! #
  • Nina Simone breaking hearts from beyond the grave. Never heard “Mr Bojangles” before the sibling-in-laws wedding. Which is a crime, really. #
  • “I be spitting words wicked like it ain’t no shit!” #
  • Right, that’s me outie. Work is over for another day, and we’re off to a preview screening of Get Smart. Which, at the very least, is free. #
  • Get Smart was delightful. Pretty funny, but the action/adventure stuff – locations, staging etc, wasn’t compromised. Nice! #
  • Finally watching Saturday’s Dr Who… Nobody say nothing till I’m finished… #
  • Fucking epic! Roll on next Saturday. Also, blimey. Also, extreme peril. Also, oh heck, I hope Sarah Jane is okay… #

2008-06-29 Digital Breadcrumbs

  • @joshhechinger Ah, that makes perfick sense… No, you are right, guitar-thrashing based gaming will NOT help with that issue… #
  • Ok, universe, you’ve had enough ‘Nick’ for one day… Buh’bye & nuh’night. Have good & proper sleepsies. #
  • Went through Girl One’s Personal Statement for her application to teaching course. First time her new career choice has slipped into focus. #
  • … It actually suddenly makes perfect sense for her to be doing it, & I’m very proud of her. But don’t tell her nor nothing… #

2008-06-28 Digital Breadcrumbs

  • @josiefraser Some of us had social stuff to do with birthdaying friend. Stupid birthdays! Stupid friends! Already think I’ve been spoilered. #
  • We had a pleasant night eating barbecue, playing games and watching Superbad. Superbad is supergood. I can get behind films like this… #
  • Bad news about Michael Turner. Again, stepping away from the computer for a few hours has made it feel like the world has gone nuts a bit. #
  • Not 2 hours after laughing at a reference about how the Coen Brothers don’t make porn, I discover that they actually HAVE! Ta, @raquelita #
  • @joshhechinger If Guitar Hero doesn’t constitute “escape” I don’t know what does… #