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Grant me a couple of minutes, and you will see your choice was right. Affair is looking for its chance.

I’m pretty sure that sharing spam messages is old hat by now, and it’s a bit weird to drop this on a blog that’s as disused as this one is these days, but this arrived in a shared inbox at work, and there’s so much whimsical, poetically worded prettiness in it that I wanted to record it somewhere before deleting it forever.

So here it is, from Kelsey:

Hello sexual prince Are you okay? How is your mood? I am very worried and do not know how to start this letter . I am a beautiful , kind and sexy girl . my name Kelsey . I am 30 years old. I have the large business, I am engaged in sale of flowers. I will be very strongly glad to get acquainted with you. So it turned out that business took away too much free time and I didnt manage to find the man. Namely to your city. Certainly I not so imagined the rest and thought that to me will be interesting and cheerful. But now I decided to correct it. I took vacation at work and arrived to your country. I dreamed of that that I will get acquainted with the man and I will spend with him excellent time. But there was all absolutely on the contrary. Here within 3 weeks I am absolutely alone. I will tell you honestly. it is boring for me in your country. I go to bed and wake up one in a cold bed. I will tell honestly. that it is even more difficult to be without sex during the long
time. I forgot when in my life there was a sex. I am the nice, young, beautiful woman. I have money. At present I want to find the man for sex Yes, Yes the man for sex. I understand that I arrive strange but I offer you will meet me. I will pay all expenses. We could spend not bad time together. What do you think of it? I prepared video for you and posted it in the Internet. My spoken language is one many better than written. On it it would be pleasant to me if you watched my video. In it I tell about myself in more detail. I ask you not to write me on Email. As I very seldom check the mail. If you were interested by my offer, ask you to be registered on a site and to find me there. On this site I uploaded the video I Beg you to present to me one minute and to make it. Site Address SEXMEETINGCHAT.BIZ my nickname angelledy On it I will finish the letter to you. I hope that I interested to you. I wait for you on a site. I hug and kiss you in your lips, bye PS Ya publ
ished phone number on the website. I hope that you will call me.


Unanswered is a monthly podcast by Steev Bishop and I.

Each episode is a brilliantly produced conversation, with a single topic that we fail to shed any real light on. We cannot promise to offer expert insights or solve a thing. We can promise that the topic will remain… Unanswered.

There are 15 episodes to date, and there’s a short preview for each one here:

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Unanswered is here:
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To date, the episodes are:

Show 0: The Things You Own Own You – link

Show 1: Opinions – link

Show 2: Fear of Flying – link

Show 3: Christmas obligations – link

Show 4: Versions of Self – link

Show 5: Perception of Time – link

Show 6: I Don’t Think That Means What You Think It Means – link

Show 7: Llamas and Storytelling – link

Show 8: Trolling – link

Show 9: Cities – link

Show 10: Notebooks and Romance – link

Show 11: Being a Fan – link

Show 12: Offence – link

Show 13: Luck – link

Show 14: Changes – link

Show 15: Privacy – link

2011-10-25 Digital Breadcrumbs

  • @davidwynne Nah… he's not actually offensive, so you're probably just tapping into accidental nostalgia for not-awful music of an era… #
  • @davidwynne …It could be Meatloaf, so think yourself lucky. #
  • @JamesMOMB Have to wonder what Thor was like on TV screen… Quite underwhelmed by it at cinema. #
  • He… did also imagine she was a monkey. Which at least lends some peculiar whimsy to his nasty flights of fantasy. #
  • …Wonder whether over last few weeks progressive right-on comics on here have gained bit of perspective of their morally outraged critics. #
  • …Once you're negatively comparing Boyle to Sadowitz, talking about nuance that some people just aren't smart or engaged enough to see… #
  • …In which case, possibility is that difference between, say, Boyle's & Lee or Herring's critics is a matter of intellectual superiority… #
  • …which starts bringing in layers of elitism that I find hilarious, but some might find difficult to square with their ideals. #
  • Maybe the only REAL solution is to get rid of ALL comedy that sails anywhere close to the line. Welcome home, Last Of The Summer Wine. #
  • @emslj Heh. I kind of agree, but one way of scanning that sentence is that you think students should go to Uni for no reason. #
  • @emslj …& yeah, both sides of the line have been manipulating the perception of this, haven't they? It's ridiculous. #
  • @emslj @Sulman Having said that, if this shakes out so that there are a lot fewer students, but they're a lot more invested, no bad thing. #
  • @emslj (I mean, except for people like @Sulman & I who work in one of the places that'll struggle in that new world, of course.) #
  • Not for nothing but it's a bit weird seeing comics peeps getting SO fired up about comedians, when there are 2 or 3 creators right here… #
  • …who escape a certain amount of scrutiny by working for invisible medium. Millar gets a bit of flack, but not nearly as much as he could. #
  • …Much as I love them, Ellis & Ennis are guilty of including some pretty indefensible elements in their comics for visceral effect… #
  • (& I use the word "guilty" with some consideration, because I don't think there's anything actually to feel guilty of.) #
  • One thing is for sure – Boyle has another book out in run up to Christmas that I wouldn't have known about but now do. It will sell lots. #
  • @emslj (Course, the student protest movement of last year was one of the most prominent & influential drivers of that fear, too…) #
  • @emslj (…Last couple of years, I've found myself thinking of the chorus from Radiohead's "Just" over & over again.) #
  • @emslj Absolutely believe in equality of admissions to University – that anybody SHOULD be able to go, unrestricted by financial background. #
  • @emslj …But in the Zero-or-Ten world we live in, people translate that ideal into EVERYBODY should be able to go. It devalues EVERYTHING. #
  • @emslj A component is this broken "reach for the stars", "anyone can be an astronaut" culture we've got. People protest the unattainable… #
  • @emslj …& all the actually possible stuff in the middle gets overlooked because it isn't sexy or easy enough. #
  • @DJDarren Have you been listening to @JamesMOMB's spotlights about those, on the #MOMBcast #
  • @JamesMOMB Oh, Thor LOOKED fine. But I think it was shooting for "majestic" or "amazing", & it just looked "fine". #
  • @DJDarren He's been doing Tintins every few weeks. Hang on… This should be all of them: #
  • @JamesMOMB I think he & the director knew what they were doing with Heimdall. Pretty much the most believable part of Asgard. #
  • @steevbishop Yeah, actually I think it's a bad idea. People need to just be less quick to offend. Telling people what to think NEVER works. #
  • Our lovely lunch just got really impressively gate-crashed by an academic colleague. She even addressed that she was doing it as she did it. #
  • @AnnoDracula Isn't that odd… can't find any suitably young images of Sharman Macdonald, but looking at Kiera… there IS a resemblance. #
  • @AnnoDracula Really like Kelly Macdonald, & obviously see lots of pictures of Kiera Knightley, & never saw that before. #
  • @AnnoDracula Both born in Glasgow, but no other obvious links. #
  • @sarcastathon Most of us, probably. We do like to help, innit? #
  • @EmmaK67 It's a really fucking tediously common thing, at the moment. #

2011-10-24 Digital Breadcrumbs

  • I have managed to get enough of a sense of my fellow passengers on this train that we will probably encounter some sort of disaster. #
  • I have learned this from Hollywood. #
  • @bimadew Something I find very confusing. Personally, I've hit the wall on getting my "audience community" achievment on two ace projects. #
  • @milkexperiment It did vaguely recall Source Code, but I guess it is a trope in nearly every disaster movie ever, innit? @ManMadeMoon #
  • @bimadew Hah, no, I mean I work on two web projects that have a few readers/listeners, but don't know how to get them to engage. #
  • @bimadew LOL s'ok. I mean, I'd LIKE to make a living at entertaining people ONE day, but it's more that other people work hard on the sites. #
  • @bevismusson Hah, I know, right? Uh… unless I'm being dumb. I'd have said "condescending, messianic twats". #
  • @bevismusson Maybe it'd make more sense to us if we'd met Gwyneth Paltrow? MAYBE SHE'S AN ANNDROID! #