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Grant me a couple of minutes, and you will see your choice was right. Affair is looking for its chance.

I’m pretty sure that sharing spam messages is old hat by now, and it’s a bit weird to drop this on a blog that’s as disused as this one is these days, but this arrived in a shared inbox at work, and there’s so much whimsical, poetically worded prettiness in it that I wanted to record it somewhere before deleting it forever.

So here it is, from Kelsey:

Hello sexual prince Are you okay? How is your mood? I am very worried and do not know how to start this letter . I am a beautiful , kind and sexy girl . my name Kelsey . I am 30 years old. I have the large business, I am engaged in sale of flowers. I will be very strongly glad to get acquainted with you. So it turned out that business took away too much free time and I didnt manage to find the man. Namely to your city. Certainly I not so imagined the rest and thought that to me will be interesting and cheerful. But now I decided to correct it. I took vacation at work and arrived to your country. I dreamed of that that I will get acquainted with the man and I will spend with him excellent time. But there was all absolutely on the contrary. Here within 3 weeks I am absolutely alone. I will tell you honestly. it is boring for me in your country. I go to bed and wake up one in a cold bed. I will tell honestly. that it is even more difficult to be without sex during the long
time. I forgot when in my life there was a sex. I am the nice, young, beautiful woman. I have money. At present I want to find the man for sex Yes, Yes the man for sex. I understand that I arrive strange but I offer you will meet me. I will pay all expenses. We could spend not bad time together. What do you think of it? I prepared video for you and posted it in the Internet. My spoken language is one many better than written. On it it would be pleasant to me if you watched my video. In it I tell about myself in more detail. I ask you not to write me on Email. As I very seldom check the mail. If you were interested by my offer, ask you to be registered on a site and to find me there. On this site I uploaded the video I Beg you to present to me one minute and to make it. Site Address SEXMEETINGCHAT.BIZ my nickname angelledy On it I will finish the letter to you. I hope that I interested to you. I wait for you on a site. I hug and kiss you in your lips, bye PS Ya publ
ished phone number on the website. I hope that you will call me.


Unanswered is a monthly podcast by Steev Bishop and I.

Each episode is a brilliantly produced conversation, with a single topic that we fail to shed any real light on. We cannot promise to offer expert insights or solve a thing. We can promise that the topic will remain… Unanswered.

There are 15 episodes to date, and there’s a short preview for each one here:

The episodes can be listened to in any order, so feel free to listen to the previews, or scroll down this post and pick a subject!

Unanswered is here:
You can subscribe to the show on iTunes:

I’d love to know what you think!

To date, the episodes are:

Show 0: The Things You Own Own You – link

Show 1: Opinions – link

Show 2: Fear of Flying – link

Show 3: Christmas obligations – link

Show 4: Versions of Self – link

Show 5: Perception of Time – link

Show 6: I Don’t Think That Means What You Think It Means – link

Show 7: Llamas and Storytelling – link

Show 8: Trolling – link

Show 9: Cities – link

Show 10: Notebooks and Romance – link

Show 11: Being a Fan – link

Show 12: Offence – link

Show 13: Luck – link

Show 14: Changes – link

Show 15: Privacy – link

2012-10-11 Digital Breadcrumbs

  • @Sulman Oh, for sure. That story about Robin Hood was ALL ABOUT him having a very definite vision, & dragging whole production along. #
  • @andromedababe It WASN'T A GOOD YEAR, was it? Realised I wrote a bit too much. If I blog properly next year, I can write a bit less. #
  • @Ree1911 Aww… funny little bugger! #
  • @JMDeMatteis @tjpieraccini Well, that's not an issue here… Pretty shameless! I think it's really important. #
  • @Jody_Houser Oh hell, Agreed! #
  • @JMDeMatteis @tjpieraccini I've kind of ended up doing it by accident. Having said that, I don't make any money from my writing! #

2012-10-10 Digital Breadcrumbs

  • @mrjameshancox Is it entertaining the dead Norse troops in the halls of Valhalla? (Tough room, if so.) @Abandoman #
  • @Eat_Solent Uh… I want to win £100. Is this open to staff? #
  • @samwisemoss @lindsayjordan is alright, int she? #
  • @sarahditum I'm guessing idiots who expose themselves intimately on podcasts that are supposed to be about comics don't count. #
  • @sarahditum Well then FINE. I didn't care about your stupid validation of my lack of boundaries ANYWAY. *In corner, not crying* #
  • Here come 3 things I have done/been involved with recently. You may enjoy them. If you do enjoy them, could you share them? That'd be swell! #
  • Thing: #MOMBcast 156 went up last Thursday. We overshared, talked comics & spotlighted @JeffLemire's Underwater Welder. #
  • Thing: My Elephant Words story from last week was called "A Body Of Work", & is gross & near-factual: #
  • Thing: As sort-of requested, I blogged about gardening today: Resignation Fuelled Gardening – Ripening Indoors: #
  • I'm going on the assumption that that Die Hard trailer is just really badly cut together, because, well, it looks really clunky. #
  • …One thing even the least of the Die Hard movies isn't guilty of is clunky, chunky editing. #
  • Anyone get that thing where you catch yourself grinding your teeth & realise you should stop but oddly that doesn't make it easier to stop? #
  • @sispurrier Normal People are ruining everything! Whether restaurant staff are friendly is LITERALLY THE LEAST important thing about them… #
  • @sispurrier Number ONE on the list is whether or not they are feeling compelled to urinate and/or cum into your food. #
  • @sispurrier Number two is probably whether or not the food is good and/or timely and/or what you ordered and/or not poisonous. #
  • @sispurrier Jizz as a condiment DEFINITELY top of the list, though. Friendliness WAY DOWN THERE. Competent better than nice. #
  • @sispurrier Well, @TinyMaster is allowed to think that. A little delusion is healthy in a human. Gets us through the day. #
  • @Pytyr2011 At least with breathing your body knows that it can just shut you down & do it for you if you get dumb enough, I guess? #
  • @mnky It's STUPID. My teeth are a limited item, I should be able to stop reducing them. #
  • @sarahditum Oh god, & when you're reading them from a comprehensive enough source, they get steadily more baroque & nightmarish… #
  • @sarahditum …Ugly Duckling has bunch of extra "adventures" the duckling goes through which seem to add nothing but futile horror to it. #
  • @sarahditum Not new observation, but all enduring kids stories are brutal & transformative. The way we treat kids rest of the time is daft! #
  • @TinyMaster Isn't best thing about being tiny that YOU can fit inside your suitcase? A work colleague is so tiny she can fit in a rucksack. #
  • @TinyMaster NB My work colleague is not so tiny that she can fit in a rucksack. I got carried away, sorry. #
  • @mnky OH SHIT I'm doing it now, again! #
  • @McKelvie here are you a trending topic? I don't really understand Twitter. #
  • @McKelvie "Where" not "here". For fuck's sake. #
  • Something a friend & I have been working away on in the background for a while is becoming something real in a way I'm quite chuffed with. #
  • @happymrlocust First time? #
  • @happymrlocust I liked it, but it is basically Liam Neeson keeps punching Paris til it gives him his daughter back. #
  • @happymrlocust Also, as someone else recently put it, "it's basically an adult Finding Nemo". #
  • @AcmeDarryl Not at all! #
  • @NathanDitum Ooh, despite liking it we never got that far into first series. Is it Jack Whitehall giving you the clench? #
  • @NathanDitum Bit of turning point for me with Whitehall. Never minded him, but wasn't always clear how much of his comedy is at own expense. #
  • @WarwickJC Oh. My. God. Couldn't happen to a nicer, more talented mofo! #
  • @NathanDitum Fucking hell, man, this isn't the fall of Rome! What were you thinking? @Nixemus #
  • Wow, Danno is a real Ameri-can't, huh? #GetGlue @HawaiiFive0CBS #
  • @NathanDitum People like you are REAL reason I hardly ever play multiplayer… Too much pressure to not be shit. I'm pretty shit. @Nixemus #
  • @emslj Hah, aww, I like Laura Marling, tho am given to understand that is not that cool. Don't know Ella Goulding. #
  • Tank Girl & @WarwickJC are perfect fit. Inspired actually. Once Tank Girl was t-shirt fodder, Hewlett was tight, but chaos is her roots. #
  • @JMDeMatteis UNSOLICITED TWEET: If I tell you that this is actually about a particular author, can you guess who?: #
  • @TinyMaster Just remember not to padlock yourself in… #
  • @TinyMaster#
  • @TinyMaster …Emma? #
  • @jamiesmart I did not know that. Never thought I'd say this about the man's work, but Harvey would have been the safe/conservative pick… #
  • @jamiesmart …he's absolutely amazing, but his work has become really beautifully polished in a way that seems geared toward VG work? #
  • @jamiesmart Drafted/re-drafted couple responses, each sounds like I'm making value judgments. Love both, but WJC fits MY Tank Girl more. #
  • @TinyMaster Phew! Looks like I potentially saved you some cash on travel, AND you've got airholes. #
  • @jamiesmart For me, it's perfect. Hipster as it sounds, I really remember TG as part of that early Deadline line-up with Hugo Tate et al… #
  • @jamiesmart As beautiful & distinct as Hewlett is, what Tank Girl means to me is "what the fuck is this I don't even but woah IT WORKS." #
  • @royalboiler Hah, remembered Bill, forgot about Crimson Tide. Still, I WOULD SAY: Opinions of characters are not always those of creators… #
  • @royalboiler AND ALSO Bill was kinda evil. So maybe his opinions were those of an evil person? :D #
  • @JMDeMatteis Well, it's always possible I'm misremembering, but apparently Roald Dahl used to keep such souvenirs in his writing shed. #
  • @JMDeMatteis (And thankyou! That was a pretty shameless cry for validation on my part, wasn't it?) #
  • @JMDeMatteis All I can find now are references to a few remnants of operations on his hip, but remember interview where he talked about it. #
  • @JMDeMatteis THINKING about it, it's possible that Dahl was teasing the interviewer! (Yes, I'm starting to learn that about shamelessness!) #
  • About to revisit a few self-promoting tweets from earlier on. If you've seen them already, please ignore. If you enjoy them, please share! #
  • Thing: #MOMBcast 156 went up last Thursday. We overshared, talked comics & spotlighted @JeffLemire's Underwater Welder. #
  • Thing: My Elephant Words story from last week was called "A Body Of Work", & is gross & near-factual: #
  • Thing: As sort-of requested, I blogged about gardening today: Resignation Fuelled Gardening – Ripening Indoors: #
  • @andromedababe Vague memory that you suggested I blog about garden back in spring? Finally did so, at end of season!: #
  • @JMDeMatteis I know, it really should, shouldn't it? Oddly perfect. Just learned that he was a spy before being a writer. Also inventor. #
  • – Screenwriter Jon Spaihts On The Prometheus That Never Was #
  • @Sulman Hah! It's interesting to see where the elements that worked & didn't work for me came from. Complete lack of jizz an OUTRAGE, tho. #
  • @Pytyr2011 Think they USED to let you keep more. Glad you liked it! #