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2007-10-19 Digital Breadcrumbs

  • If Jo Whiley mentions human Tetris once more, I may do something very bad. Why does Whiley seem to want to be twenty one so badly? #
  • Oh my… the downstaires gents in the building where I work actually hasn’t been wrecked or otherwise defaced by students today. A miracle? #
  • Almost everyday, I walk past a smallish skate park. It is often busy with the clack/roll of many young skaters, their enthusiasm laudable. #
  • These past few years, when I have seen the skaters, I have seen maybe two basic tricks pulled off well. Enthusiasm high – ability not so. #

2007-10-17 Digital Breadcrumbs

  • Elephant finished & timestamped for Friday. Happy/unhappy/happy with it? Not sure. Yet again, longer than I hoped… #
  • I’ve written 33636 words for Elephant Words since starting in July. Oh dear. It feels like loads but is more then 15,000 words under Nano. #