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The Long Good Night

She says: Mind if I sit here…?
He replies: God no. Mind if I buy you a drink?
She counters: Well, it’s why you invited me over here, after all.
He grins: It is? I had just asked myself why I might have done that.
A beat. And then: When did I do that?
Her: When I walked past you, on the way to the loo.
Him: Ah… Cool. I wondered what I meant by that look. A pint?
Her, pleased: You remembered!
Him, astounded: It looks like I did.
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Dear Journal…

Dear Journal,

As I made my way home today, snow fell in fits and starts. Excited by this, I determined that this would be the day when Anya would experience her first snowball fight. Of course, being mother England, very little settled; instead, the garden had turned to a white-flecked slurry of mud and goo.

Still, I’d made myself a promise, so, undaunted, I made the best of it. I thought it through, of course – it wouldn’t do to make a mess of clothes or kitchen. So naked I went. Of course, being a dog, Anya was already undressed.
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