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Elephant Words – Meat-Free And Other Stories

My Elephant Words piece, on a 24-hour turnaround, went up late last night. It’s basically a string of ideas that occurred to me, all in a bluster, and I don’t know whether I really pulled them together enough for it to count as a working story, but there’s probably enough in there to make you go “oooh”.

It’s inspired by this picture by Mr David Baillie:

… and Lego.

It’s called Meat-Free, and it goes a little something like this:

“… Sometimes all it takes is just being too – maybe dumb, maybe naive – to get something done. Because if it doesn’t occur to you that an idea is something that no-one has ever made happen before, you don’t really have the chance to consider failure…”

200 Miles Up has a photo feature, notionally celebrating the Space Shuttle Discovery’s recent successful launch, making it the 154th manned US space mission.

The photos are of the earth’s skies, taken from above, and are awesome. They are too big for me to resize here, but trust me, you’ll want to see these. Click here to go there.

I suppose this is one of the benefits of the majority of current space missions being earth orbit ones, rather then actual space exploration. The other one is that they finally got round to taking bagels up with them. Bagels! In space! See, this is what I’m talking about – this is the fucking future…!

Why I Love Comics – 5.12 Earthquake Strips

Josh just linked to this, and it’s sad and awesome.

Coco Wang is a cartoonist from China, who has drawn some comic strips of smaller stories of the earthquake hit country that we haven’t really heard so much in the west.

I’m not saying that comics are the only way of doing this sort of reportage, but in this case they are certainly pretty effective, especially when news media have become difficult to trust or respond to without cynicism.

Without some pretty brutal resizing, I can’t get an image to show, so you should probably go visit instead…