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SD/NP 06/08/08 – A Bat, A Thing, A Trip, And Some Hoopla

Every time we watch a film, or a tv programme, or I read a book, I decide that there is loads of stuff I want to write here on my blog about it.

And every time, I fail dramatically. I don’t know whether it’s the Twitter dramatic post disorder stress that Tom Reynolds has alluded to before, and I think I’ve mentioned somewhere – wherein I find that everything I desperately wanted to say, I’ve already tweeted about in a fit of urgency, and as it happens, and so writing a proper post about it doesn’t seem as urgent any more – or if it’s something else, like my chronic disorganisation.

In my continuous quest to try to force myself to write, though, I have decided to adopt – by which I mean steal – a format that Lee at Quit Your Day Job sometimes uses. I don’t watch as many movies as he does, so I’m going to have to expand on the theme a little, but here goes, my first attempt to wrap-up a week of film watching – Seven Days/No Popcorn, and this week you get an extra day, because I’m nice.
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