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SD/Film – Public Enemies

Very quickly, while I’m in front of the computer and it’s in my head – we saw Michael Mann’s latest, “Public Enemies” on Wednesday…

public_enemies_poster02It was alright.

I’d like to be more enthusiastic about it – Mann is one of the best directors around, and while a lacklustre cinema experience might be understandable from most, from him it’s a terrible dissappointment.

The film boasts some great actors delivering good performances from a script with some nice flourishes but not much cohesion, and there’s something off about the structure of the film that means there are lots of odd little off-cut bits of plot or scenes hanging off in various places.

In fact, the film generally feels a little unfinished. The sound is often patchy – so often that you actually really notice when it comes together for the impressive gun-battle set-pieces. Editing and frame composition, too, are inconsistent, and these are factors over which Mann normally has complete and thrilling control. There are only a few bright and inspirational moments of cinematography, and too often they are wrecked by shaky camera work which doesn’t suit the scene.

Oddly, Mann has created a film that is more frenetic and disorienting in the moments that the viewer is supposed to be calm during than it is in the frantic moments of battle or passion.

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SD/Film – Star Trek

Oh, by the way you guys… We totes watched the new “Star Trek” movie last week. I should have posted something about it before I proposed to Girl One a couple weekends ago and everything went quite, quite peculiar.

Oh, yeah, by the way you guys… I proposed to Girl One a couple of weekends away and she said “yes”! Since which everything has been quite hectic.

But anyway, right, “Star Trek”. Loads has probably been said about it already, much of which I’d just repeat if I went into too much detail – one of the problems with being the last to the party on such a blockbuster. If, by way of a review, I say that it was a pleasant surprise, and a fun and noisy cinematic confection of fairly universal appeal, you’ll get that we liked it, right?

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SD/Films – Valkyrie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Push and Pathfinder

I reckon it’s time to shake out the cobwebs on some of the movies we’ve seen recently…

I’ve almost definitely forgotten some, by the way. You will excuse the lack of bells and/or whistles, yes? As always, I’d love you to tell me what you think of these movies, or my assessment of them, in the comments!


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