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A Question For Nixsight Readers…

… Because I know that there are some of you out there.

I’ve been doing these Seven Days posts for a few weeks now, and I’m going to continue doing them, because as much as anything else they are good for maintaining some sort of writing discipline.

The question is, on posts – like the SD/TV one that just went live a few minutes ago – that tend to run to more than two or three shows – or books or movies – do you think it’d be easier to read or work better if I broke them up into a few shorter posts, seperated by show or theme – instead of the one long one?

It occurs to me that if you’re an avid watcher of “Bones”, or want to argue with me about “Buffy”, having to dredge through a bunch of stuff that you don’t care so much about might be annoying.

If anyone has any thoughts on this subject, or has any other ideas on what I can do to make the site easier for you to read – up to but not including getting someone other than me to write it! – as always please tell me all about it in the comments…!

SD/TV 28/09/2008 – Buffy/Ed Byrne/Fringe & No Heroics

Just this once, I have an excuse for not being timely with the TV… My network decided to suffer a catastrophic failure on Saturday, and that’s nudged everything out of place.

Of course, that doesn’t explain why I didn’t post on Friday when I was supposed to… but never mind.

As always, my thoughts after the jump, and your mileage may have varied on these shows – please do tell me how right or wrong you think I am in the comments!

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