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Lost 0613 – The Last Recruit

Jack’s sweetest moment in ages was last episode, where he deferred to Hurley. Now he asks Hurley’s permission to go and talk to non-Locke. It is a lovely moment.

And now non-Locke admits what we had already worked out – that he was the vision of Jack’s father from way back in that first or second episode. He says it was because they needed to find water. And that makes a certain amount of logical sense, but it’s difficult not to see that it was a pretty cruel choice to make on non-Locke’s part.
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Lost 0612 – Everybody Loves Hugo

I am so far behind it is unreal. And you guys are all trying to talk about the finale and I have to go like LAH LAH LAH LAH with my hands over my ears, so here we go. Going to shimmy through.

So, like, Libby! I love Libby! I’m so glad they’re actually doing something with her character. I already know that Mr Sulman will have been thinking of me when he saw this episode, because I’ve been going on about her since, like, she died and that.

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Lost 0610 – Rasho-Kwon

I got the feeling that last week’s episode of Lost was deliberately intended as a breather episode before the final half of the season kicked off, and I’ve been looking forward to this one all week. Not sure if I’m dissappointed that it’s a Kwon episode or not – I love this couple, but they seldom move the story forward very much, and that’s what people want right now.

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