2010-06-10 Digital Breadcrumbs

2010-06-09 Digital Breadcrumbs

#MOMBcast 33 – Comic Timings

On #MOMBcast 33, we talked about the following comics:

17:00 The Loneliest Astronauts (Kevin Church/Ming Doyle)
20:30 She Died In Terrebonne (Kevin Church/TJ Kirsch)

25:10 Gotham City Sirens #11 (Paul Dini/Andres Guinaldo)
29:20 Captain America #605 (Ed Brubaker/Luke Ross)

43:00 Spotlight: The Last Resort (Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti/Giancarlo Caracuzzo)

MOMBcast 33 is here.
All other episodes are available here.

2010-06-08 Digital Breadcrumbs

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