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“The Room next door” is out now!

2019 was a hell of a year. A year of hell.
2020 looks almost the same so far, except for this:

My first book, “The Room Next Door”, it out now! And that’s A Good Thing. For me, and hopefully also for you!

Released on 20th January and published by Markosia, it’s a collection of 49 pieces of short writing – mostly stories, but with a couple of bits of poetry and experimentation in there – first written between 2006 and 2018. Early versions of a lot of them were originally posted up at Elephant Words, and all of them have been polished up and made shiny for this collection.

Click here to buy it from Amazon.co.uk.
Or click here to go to Markosia’s dedicated page, where there are links to buy it from places that may not be quite as evil.

I’m hoping to write a lot more about the book in the near future, including a little bit about the launch party that happened last week, and a bit of a look behind the curtain on what it’s like being a newly published author.

In the meantime please do buy my book! And tell everyone you know about it!

Yes, I know one more piece would have made 50, which is a much more pleasing number. I’d like to pretend I had a good reason for that. I’d like to.

If you don’t know what Elephant Words is, ask me in the comments or somewhere else, and I’ll maybe write a post about it. It was swell.