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Lost 0616 – What They Died For

Jeremy Paxman is doing the full Morris, about the spree shootings earlier today, so it seems like as good a time as any to escape into the brighter, sharper world of Lost.

Oh, yeah, I forgot… Previously on Lost, three beloved characters got obliterated. One literally, and two disposed of at the bottom of the ocean, where their bodies won’t ever be retrieved. Sigh.

So, we start on Jack’s eye – this shot is a favourite convention of the show, and if somebody hasn’t already compiled all of them together, somewhere, it’s bound to happen soon enough.

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Lost 0614 – The Candidate

So Jack saved Locke, and he thinks he’s a candidate for a surgery that Jack is developing. John Locke doesn’t want to be a candidate, though. He seems to recognise the phrase. Jack could do with having House MD on his side.

Jack wakes to Sayid telling him that they’re on Hydra island. Sayid even makes a joke. Actually, I reckon Sayid might be back on the turn again.

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Lost 0613 – The Last Recruit

Jack’s sweetest moment in ages was last episode, where he deferred to Hurley. Now he asks Hurley’s permission to go and talk to non-Locke. It is a lovely moment.

And now non-Locke admits what we had already worked out – that he was the vision of Jack’s father from way back in that first or second episode. He says it was because they needed to find water. And that makes a certain amount of logical sense, but it’s difficult not to see that it was a pretty cruel choice to make on non-Locke’s part.
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Lost 0612 – Everybody Loves Hugo

I am so far behind it is unreal. And you guys are all trying to talk about the finale and I have to go like LAH LAH LAH LAH with my hands over my ears, so here we go. Going to shimmy through.

So, like, Libby! I love Libby! I’m so glad they’re actually doing something with her character. I already know that Mr Sulman will have been thinking of me when he saw this episode, because I’ve been going on about her since, like, she died and that.

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