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SD/Film – Smith And Rogen Make A Porno

zack-and-miri-make-a-pornoIt doesn’t seem all that long ago that we found ourselves shocked by the depth of our enjoyment of “Knocked Up”, and that we were won over by Seth Rogen’s lovable doofus-ness and natural delivery.

It was even less time ago that “Clerks 2” surprised us, by actually being pretty funny and engaging – something that Kevin Smith has failed to achieve often enough that it’s still a pleasant surprise when he pulls it off.

So it’s understandable that we were primed to really enjoy “Zack And Miri Make A Porno”, despite the slightly bland trailers.

You couldn’t really blame them for the lacklustre trailers – after all, even if the old theory that most movies splurge all the best bits in their trailers is taken into account, a film about two supposedly platonic friends who, you know, are making a porno, should always end up struggling to find good bits for one, because in theory most of the humour is going to be too adult for a promo aimed at the general public.

(That was how I explained the lack of real solid laughs in the ads to myself, anyway.)

Basically, Girl One and I need to work on our management of expectations. Because if we hadn’t expected much out of this movie, it might have held a few fun surprises for us.

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